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Long-Term Truce: The Hidden Truth Mac 13, 2006

Posted by ummahonline in Intifadha, Kolum.

By: Maszlee Malik

Reading the few articles published by the mainstream English language news papers in Malaysia vis a vis the HAMAS victory is much like listening to the Malaysian version of Fox TV, CNN and BBC. Khaled Hroub’s, in his book HAMAS: Political Thoughts and Practices, writes that the western media is still in the dark about the reality of HAMAS. And this is partly contributed by their inability to access the voluminous Arabic literature and references on HAMAS. Thus their flawed analyses and erroneous judgemens of HAMAS actions in the context of the jihad in Palestine.

Dr Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Intenational Institute of Political Thought in the UK, once remarked that the west should begin to examine the issue not from the lenses of the Israelis. They should endeavour an honest understanding of the root of the problem and its history. Otherwise, they would be readily misled by the Zionist propaganda which unfortunately is the case presently.

HAMAS is being potrayed as the bad guy, a “terrorist organisation” which is not fit to rule in a civil sociey. The Zionist lobby has been succesful in convincing the western world that HAMAS mirrors the terrorist profile of Al-Qaeda, is adamant upon the annihilation of Israel and that it has refused to abide by the letter of various peace initiatives (despite their miserable failures). The US and the Europeans continue to parrot Israel’s demand without providing a just and amicable solution to the Palestinians. And our local editors and journalists naively report similarly.

This unceasing diatribe against HAMAS attempts to paint her as a “militant terrorist organisation” which knows no peace and is bent on armed conflict and suicidal bombings to achieve her objectives. Instead, Israel is portrayed as faithful to the peace process and have “conceded” tremendously to make everlasting peace a possibility. What could be further from the truth, a deception unparalled in contemporary human history.

A truthful reckonig of history would hasten to recognise the European guilt for the Jewish torture and deaths under the reign of Europe’s Hitler. But to usurp palestinian lands and carve the Zinonist state of Israel in the Muslim heartland was the “original sin” of the British colonial powers. No amount of historical manipulation would be able to erase this immutable fact. Until and unless the western world wakes up to the grievous injustices which she has meted upon the Palestinians and address these historical blunders, peace would only remain an illusion.

The state of Israel with the blessings of the US and Europeans; like the Whites in then Apartheid South Africa, would continue to oppress and victimise the Palestinians and deprive them of their inalienable human rights. Millions of Palestinians have been displaced from their homeland and are destitutes in refugees camps in neighbouring Arab lands.

HAMAS have been given the legitimate political mandate by the palestinian citizenry to rectify this gross injustice and humiliation of the palestianin people. Instead of heaping hostilities, the western world, the upholders of liberal democracy should be praising the palestinians for honouring the democratic process and congratulating HAMAS for being victorious and unseating the inefficient and irreversibly corrupt PLO.

On the contrary, the intial peaceful gestures offered by HAMAS have been conveniently ignored by the western political leaders and they have instead played the old song, to the tune of the neo-conservatives and zionists, of the “dark side” of HAMAS.

HAMAS has indeed offered Israel an oppotunity for a true and everlasting peace. Since 1988, the late Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the spiritual leader of HAMAS had offered Israel, the “Hudna” or the long term truce. Mahmoud Zahar, a senior member of HAMAS, in the hustings promised the Palestinian people a peaceful accord with Israel which they would have never dreamt of before.

For HAMAS, a true negotiation should never surrender the dignity and the rights of the Palestinian people and their will to free their country from occupation. “True peace” is the peace accord that will ensure not only the interests of the Israelis but also that of the Palestinian’s unlike that promised by Oslo, Madrid or the Road Map.

Throughout the truce observed by HAMAS, Israel was asked to cease all armed attacks on the Palestinians and to stop the extra judicial killings and assassinations.. They also urged Israel not to inflict harm to the innocent civilains should there be any conflict between the 2 parties.. HAMAS also requested Israel to withdraw their armies and settlers to the 1967 border and to evacuate their settlements in both Gaza and West Bank. HAMAS also raised the issue of the return of the refugees of 1948 to their occupied land based on the UN resolution. The truce will not be realised overnight; that would be wishful thinking. In the long term interest of genuine peace it may draw out over several years as first expounded by Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (al-Mujtama’ magazine, 17 February 1990).

The creation of a Zionist state on Palestinian soil to atone for the sins of Europe or solve the Jewish dilemma can never be legitimised. (Khaled Meshal, Washington Post, 28 January 2006). But HAMAS is nonetheless prepared to negotiate a long term truce based on the unadulterated values of freedom and justice. If Israel accepts the truce, HAMAS will stop her resistance. But if the Israelis rejects or breaches the truce, HAMAS will deal severely with the zionists who annexed the palestinian land, imposed their will on the palestinian people, fractured her society and expelled them from their homeland.

It is high time for the US, EU and the world community to view the perennial conflict through the lenses of justice and freedom and not via the shades of zionist propaganda. HAMAS is offering the olive branch of peace; a true peaceful solution founded on the values of justice, freedom and equality.



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