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Norooz Mac 9, 2009

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haftseenNorooz is a beautiful ceremony in which Nature, emotions and society are involved. Norooz, that has been represented its glories upon all ceremonies in the world, —is“, because it‘s not an artificial, social contract or mere a political ceremony; it‘s the celebration of the world, it‘s the joyful day of Earth, Sky, Sun, desire for blossoming and birth. It‘s full of enthusiasms for any—start“.

Norooz is the great remembrance of memories, the memory of human‘s kinship with Nature. Every year this forgetful child [man], who is busy with artificial and his complicated own-made works, forgets his mother [Nature] and with reminder of Norooz, he again goes back to Her and celebrates this meeting.

Norooz isn‘t only an opportunity for tranquility, amusement and pleasure; it‘s the necessary need for the society. Celebrating Norooz, as if we have involved ourselves in all Noroozes that have been celebrated every year in this land [Iran]; and at this moment bright and dark scenes, black and white pages of our nation‘s old history are seen.

Having faith in the fact that our people have been celebrated Norooz every year in this land, awakens this thoughts that: Yes, Every Year! Even the year that Alexander reddened the face of Earth with pure blood of our people, beside the big destroying flames coming out of Persepolis [Takht-e-Jamshid], there, at that moment, Iranian hit by calamity celebrated Norooz more seriously and with more faith.

Norooz has always been venerable in Mobads‘s eyes [Zoroastrians‘ leaders], in Muslims‘ eyes and in Muslim Shiites‘ eyes. Everybody loves Norooz and they all with their own words talk about it. Even philosophers and scientists say: —Norooz is the first day of creation that Urmazd [God in old Persian language] started creation of the world and it took six days and on the sixth day it finished and that‘s why the first day of Farvardin [first Iranian month] is called Hurmazd and six first days are holly days. How Beautiful Fable! More Beautiful than Reality.

Doesn‘t every one feel that the first day of Spring is the first day of creation? If God began the world on one day that should, absolutely, be Norooz. Spring is absolutely the first season and Farvardin the first month and Norooz the first day of creation. God never began the world and Nature with Autumn or Winter or Summer. For sure on the first day of Spring plants start to grow and rivers start to flow and blossoms start to bloom and this means Norooz. Without doubt, soul is born in this season and love appeared on this day and for the first time Sun emerged on Norooz and Time started with Norooz.

Islam that erased all differences between nations and changed all traditions, made Norooz more shinning; Islam preserved Norooz from destroying with its own firm background of Iranian identity and history. Choosing Imam Ali for Velayat [leadership of Muslims after Prophet Muhammad passed away] and Vesayat [successor of Prophet Muhammad] on Ghadir-e-Khum day also happened on Norooz and How Great Happening!

[Norooz by Dr. Ali Shariati translated from Farsi by Zahra Karimi]



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