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Islam Embedded—The Historical Development of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party PAS (1951-003) Jun 9, 2005

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By: Yoginder Sikand

Author: Farish A. Noor
Publisher: Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, Kuala Lumpur
Year: 2004
ISBN: 983-99866-8-6

Regarded by many Muslims elsewhere as the nearest to a ‘model’ Muslim state, Malaysia is a multi-racial country where Muslims form about sixty per cent of the population. Almost all ethnic Malays are Muslims, because of which Islam and Malay ethnicity are generally seen as inseparable. Politics in Malaysia has long been dominated by discourses centred on religion and race, and one of the principal actors on the stormy Malaysian political stage has been the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), the subject of this engaging and absorbing study by Malaysian political scientist and social activist Farish Noor. (selanjutnya…)